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Fire Hydrant Systems Mechanism

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The need for Fire extinguishers in India


fire hydrantThe main objective of fire hydrant systems is to provide fire protection in rural or urban areas. They are also installed in building or companies for extinguishing fire in worst scenarios. Fire hydrant systems are also provided to fire fighters working as municipal employee in India. These systems are also popular as fire plugs and Johnny plugs worldwide. So you don’t have to get confused with the name as they all have the same meaning.

How to check static pressure of fire hydrant systems in India?

With the invention of new software and technologies, it has become much easier to check static pressure of Fire Hydrant Systems in India. For automatic sprinklers system designing and planning, it is necessary to check pressure of systems. The great thing is that latest software and technologies assure accuracy and précised reading during testing. According to experts, fire hydrant system should be tested regularly for maintaining high security mechanism. The pressure should be maintained at 20psi for effective fire fights.

If pressure falls below safe level then it becomes hard to maintain fire hydrant systems. There are fire hoses for routing water to the pump. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to maintain the pressure inside fire hydrant systems and hence its test is equally important. We can’t just avoid the pressure test otherwise it may generate many problems for you. In case, pressure is maintained then one can expect lots of water supply during worst scenarios.

Once we have decided apparatus for fire Hydrant Pressure Test, we have to focus on other facts also. Connect the system with apparatus and note down the pressure of fire hydrant system. You will get an idea either system is working properly or not.

The areas where municipal water supply is not available, dry hydrants can be replaced with standpipe. You can also look for other options where fire hydrant systems are not available especially in rural areas.


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