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Different Fire Fighting Equipments Used By Firefighters

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Firefighters are having toughest job than others. They have a list of special Firefighting equipments or gears to fight with extreme hazardous fire incidents. Some devices are used in search and rescue operations while others are used during medical emergencies. Technology has helped the Firefighting devices manufacturers & exporters to make advancements in their products and deliver latest firefighting devices to rest of the world. In this article, we got a list of firefighting devices or equipments used by professionals to handle any fire case.

Fire Fighting Manufacturer & Exporter

Fire Fighting Manufacturer & Exporter

Personal protection equipment or PPE

PPE is a must set given to every firefighter. Personal protection equipment includes protective gear such as pants, jackets, and boots. The jacket and pant is made of triple layer design with reflective stripes on the heat resistant shell. The boots have a steel insole that aids in preventing foot from being cut by nails or other injuries.

SCBA – Self contained breathing apparatus

This is the second must have equipment for every firefighter. The self-contained breathing apparatus has a canister which makes the firefighter to breathe for 15-60 minutes. It also has a PASS (personal alarm safety system) that turns on after 30 seconds when there is no movement. SCBA aids firefighters to make call for help when there is urgency and they can’t do it on radio.

Fire truck

Fire truck is the most important equipment that helps firefighter to collect and distribute water. It also conveys firefighters and holds all the Firefighting equipments like water fittings, first aid gear, ancillary gear, and hoses.


Firefighters use several gears like axes, pipe poles, and shovels to determine the walls and ceilings of buildings to roll fires.


There are several other accessories such as specialized boots, nomex hoods, heat resistant leather work gloves, and goggles.


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