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How To Inspect Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers?

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The need for Fire extinguishers in India


Mechanical Foam FIRE EXTINGUISHERLow maintained fire extinguishers are more hazardous than no fire extinguisher at all. It will just take a second to mishap if you use expired fire extinguisher. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers in Mumbai always recommend their customers to have routine inspection in correct manner.

How To Inspect A Fire Extinguisher?

The initial step of inspecting fire extinguisher is visual inspection. Make sure the pressure gauge is placed at the green zone. The expert will normally clean it up using a cloth to determine if any dent, rust or other damage present on the body of the equipment. Once they complete the visual insoection, they will remove the hose and blow through it to ensure there are no barriers. They will also check the handle, valve head assembly, and pull pin.

Other expert will look at the equipment to ensure the instruction-guide plate is still legible. This plate is helpful for users as it guides them how to use the equipment. It includes such information-

  • Images and letters of the classes of fires it can extinguish
  • Rating number to show extinguishing capabilities
  • Details about the amount of dry chemical should be inside the extinguisher
  • Right temperature to operate fire extinguisher

Internal Inspection – Six Year Tear Down

Under internal inspection or six year tear down, extinguisher will be broken down by experts. They empty the powder and clean all the parts and if any defected part is found, they replace it and put the parts back together.

Weight check is the last step to get working fire extinguisher. The inspection of fire extinguisher gets completed by weighing the fully charged equipment. The label will show the quantity of dry chemical requires for addition in the extinguisher. User can also see the info and set the pressure of the extinguisher accordingly.

Checking the gross weight of the equipment, one has to consider entire unit- hose, tamper seal, valve head pin, and dry chemical. Users should install properly inspected fire extinguishers to ensure safety and protection. Manufacturers of fire extinguishers in Mumbai have shared this guide to make people aware of the importance of inspection in case of fire extinguishing equipments. If one fails to perform it, no protection and safety should be expected in return. Save this article and bookmark it for future reference. Also don’t forget to send the URL links to your contacts. Learn and make learn others.


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